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Travelling through three vast National Parks, spanning Victoria (Alpine National Park and Snowy River National Park), New South Wales (Kosciuszko National Park) and the Australian Capital Territory (Namadgi National Park), you can experience a range of mountain environments, from tall, wet, fern-filled forests to open expanses of alpine meadows, dotted in summer and autumn with colourful wildflowers.

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The Alps Partnership

Mountain pygmy possum | Jon Harris photography In 1986, with the signing of the first Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), NSW, Victoria, ACT and Australian government national park authorities formally agreed the national parks in the Australian Alps should be managed cooperatively to protect the area’s special character. Through this spirit of cooperation the Australian Alps Liaison Committee (AALC) was formed to ensure that the parks and reserves in the Alps are managed as one biogeographical entity to protect them for generations to come.
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Learning about the alps – the Australian Alps Education Kit

Photo: Australian Alps collection The Australian Alps Education Kit is designed for students, teachers and anyone else keen to learn about this spectacular region of Australia. These educational materials form an organised resource focusing on iconic, awe-inspiring and accessible areas within the Australian Alps.
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