What is the Australian Alps National Parks Co-operative Management Program?

This short video explains our vision and mission in bringing people together, including stakeholders, communities and park agency staff from across the state and territory jurisdictions and boundaries united in a common goal to protect the important natural, cultural and community values of the Australian Alps  national parks. The Alps Program which has been operating now for 33 years is an important piece of the Australian Alps management framework.

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The Alps Partnership

Mountain pygmy possum | Jon Harris photography In 1986, with the signing of the first Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), NSW, Victoria, ACT and Australian government national park authorities formally agreed the national parks in the Australian Alps should be managed cooperatively to protect the area’s special character. Through this spirit of cooperation the Australian Alps Liaison Committee (AALC) was formed to ensure that the parks and reserves in the Alps are managed as one biogeographical entity to protect them for generations to come.
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Strategic Plan 2019 – 2022 for the Australian Alps national parks Co-Operative Management Program

The Alps Strategic Plan 2019-22 was endorsed by the Australian Alps Liaison Committee at its last meeting in June 2019. The Plan sets the framework for the Alps program for the next 3 years establishing the vision and mission and reflecting the current on ground priorities for the Alps program within the theme of ‘People Working Together’ and the 4 key core value areas of Environment; Cultural Heritage; Connecting People; and Program Management. The new Strategic Plan can be found here: Strategic Plan 2019-2022 for the Australian Alps national parks Co-Operative Management Program – 2019

News from the Alps #66 – The Fire Stories Edition – May 2020

Welcome to a special post 2019/20 bushfire season edition of News from the Alps #66. In this edition, staff share and reflect on their experiences of one of the most protracted and intense bushfire seasons across the nation that any of us have witnessed, closely followed by a world viral pandemic .

These stories highlight the diversity of critical roles and functions that Alps National Parks agency staff perform in bushfire and other incidents. The preparation, response and ongoing recovery. These efforts often go unknown within the broader community: the media images of walls of flame, firefighters on hoses and water bombing aircraft don’t show that there is much more going on behind the scenes.

Alps #66 The Fire StoriesWhether it be staff on the front line as firefighters with a hose, rake-hoe or drip torch in hand; remote area and vehicle based firefighters; Incident management team specialists in control, operations, planning or logistics, air operations;  heavy plant and equipment,  weather and fire behaviour specialists; or wildlife experts protecting threatened species and their habitats, or admin support staff, as well as the parks  ‘business as usual staff’ that try to keep the parks and reserves functioning day to day. Then the months and years of recovery work, they are all critical to the longer term outcome.

Our thanks go out to all the other fire and emergency service and support agencies, there staff and the thousands of volunteers, adjoining property owners and local community members who pulled together at a time of national crisis in an effort to protect life, property and the unique values of the Australian Alps. Our thoughts also go to those who were terribly impacted, that  lost the lives of loved ones, property and to everyone who has been affected. We are all on the long road to recovery together.

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