Current track conditions

Sections of the Australian Alps Walking Track traversing remote wilderness locations, so track conditions are constantly changing. Park staff and volunteers work hard to maintain sections of the track and current track conditions are listed here.

We also rely on people who have recently walked the track, or sections of it, to provide feedback on track conditions. You can do this by submitting feedback below.

It is always best to contact regional visitor centres throughout the Alps prior to your walk to obtain the very latest track status information.


Update posted: 14/02/2017

Subject to weather conditions, the ACT is planning several large scale prescribed burns in Namadgi National Park between March 14th and April 30th 2017. This could mean temporary closure of the AAWT.  If you intend walking the ACT section of the AAWT, please check with Namadgi Visitor Centre (02 62072900) beforehand.

Australian Alps Walking Track mapsNSW

All sections of the track are open.


Update posted 14/02/2017

AAWT Track Section: King Billy Cross Roads (Approximate GR 650811) to the broad saddle north east of High Cone. (Approximate GR 602723 )

This section of track which includes the features of Square Top and Mt Clear has been remarked and cleared of fallen timber and scrub. Sections of this track have not had any work done on it since the 2006/07 fires and some of the badly burnt areas had been causing some navigation issues for some walkers.

aawt-square-top-mt-clear-2016Square Top – Mt Clear area

Further information

The following websites contain up to date information on the AAWT and are good locations for more first hand information on the track.

Australian Alps Walking Track by John Chapman – a detailed page with great information for people wishing to attempt the whole track or sections of it. Access, track notes, suggested maps, food drop info and suggested itiniraries are covered. Additionally, John has published a guide book for the track which is kept up to date with online updates. – A forum covering all aspects of bushwalking, locally and internationally. Relevant sections are the Victoria section and the NSW/ACT section. Searching and monitoring these forums should result in recent reports from walkers who have completed the track. Failing that, post a question and see if anyone can help.